There is still good in the world -

There is still good in the world

1 of 3: Boy with a big heart

Tyler Fogett, a 9-year-old boy, bought books for prisoners from a local prison for his savings. Tyler told his mother that he wanted to give the prisoners something that will divert them from the prison of reality. Along with his mother appeared without warning in prison, offering 100 books for the prison library.

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2 of 3: Sign from God

A man driving a car could not be successful on that day. The girl dumped him on the same day and was dismissed from work. He had black thoughts and he wanted to end up with himself. But these people stood on his way. He immediately believed that God watches over him.

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3 of 3: Turtles saver

Turtle soup is not a delicious dish for everyone. This man buys turtles for a meat market and releases them back into the sea. He sacrificed his money for a noble purpose. No doubt he is a turtle lover. Thanks to him, the population of turtles will not drastically decrease.

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