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Darwin awards nominees

1 of 3: Focused driver

Most drivers think that they are very good at driving. Own conviction about their own abilities often triumph of form over content. This man has problems with focusing attention on the road, so it must draw knowledge. The moment in which he decided to do it is not the best.

Source: SmilesTV

2 of 3: Safe transport

We often change our place of residence. The easiest way of transporting large furniture is to hire a trucking company. If you want to save, you can choose a form of transport as the man in the picture below. An inexpensive, spectacular and very risky. A high place on Darwin’s list.

Source: Dumpaday

3 of 3: Laughing gas

The following picture should be in the category: how to use it properly. Tear gas will not give you a death of a person who has used it. But this image may cause such a strong attack of laughter in the audience, that he will go on the list of Darwin.

Source: Twitter