Things that we used badly -

Things that we used badly

1 fo 3: Straw holder

On hot days, there is nothing better than a cold can of soda. But you can get to enjoy it even better with a straw. The small ring has an added function. The circular hole at the end, is the answear.  Did you know this trick?

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2 of 3: Order from a Chinese restaurant
Most of us like to eat in a Chinese restaurant. The most common dishes are served in little boxes of cardboard from which we choose food with chopsticks. The problem makes dialing chopsticks last bites of food. Few people know that the box can be spread so clumsy box turns into a flat plate.

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3 of 3: Quick cooling
On hot summer days it is best to cool yourself with a cold drink. Waiting for the bottle to cool down may take an eternity. The cooling process can be significantly accelerated. Just wrap the bottle with a wet paper towel and put it into the freezer.

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