Beautiful Wives Of Celebrities -

Beautiful Wives Of Celebrities

 1 of 3: Bradley Cooper – Jennifer Esposito

In October 2006, Bradley Cooper became engaged to Jennifer Esposito. The wedding took place in December of the same year. However, after five months, the star of the movie “Nobody’s Anything” decided to divorce the American. In 2014, Jennifer remarried to Louis Dowler, former boyfriend Kate Winslet.

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2 of 3: John Travolta – Kelly Preston

Travolta is a happy husband of Kelly Preston (former girlfriend of George Clooney and Charlie Sheen). They met on the set of the film “Experts” in 1989. The couple married in Paris in 1992. John and Kelly had three children, Jetta, Ella Bleu (19) and Benjamin (9). In January 2009, John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston survived the tragedy of their son Jetta’s death.

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3 of 3: Colin Firth – Livia Giuggioli

Although they are not actually a Hollywood couple, the state of Firth belongs to the elite of show business. Colin became famous for the charming role of Mr. Darcy, and Livia (née Giuggioli) deals with eco-fashion. They met in 1995 in Cartagena, USA, where Firth shot a TV miniseries, and Livia was the producer’s assistant. In 1997, they got married in Italy, they have two children, Luca and Matteo, nowadays teenagers. On several occasions, Colin repeated that the secret of a happy marriage is spending time together. He says about his wife: “It’s an Italian beauty and the wisest woman on earth!”

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