Scary Moments That Almost Ended In Tragedy -

Scary Moments That Almost Ended In Tragedy

1 of 35: Big may sometimes not be better

A photo like this makes you want to go “What the Hell is going on here!! The boat managed to stay afloat and upright, losing only four containers that ended up in the water. Nonetheless, none of the rescue workers seem to be in the least perturbed, given that some had their cell phones out to take in the unfolding scene. However, I really feel for the captain of the ship who now has to explain to his superiors how he lost a couple of containers en-route. I would not want to be that guy!!


2 of 35: Spectacular, Eject!!!

It’s a lazy weekend and so you get the kids and head to the Air Show. Spectacular is always one thing associated with these kinds of shows. But the last thing you expect to see is a pilot ejecting out of his Harrier, just before the craft plummets into the ground in front of the panic-stricken crowd. You go home with the memory of a lifetime to share with your friends who surprise!! surprise!! Do not believe a word of it. Lucky for you, the whole thing was captured on film, which not only shows off your excellent photography skills, but also the remarkable event frozen in time.

3 of 35: I need a picture too…

Nothing beats the daring and cool of a grandma. However, this grandma gives new meaning to cool that would give the likes of Steve Irwin a run for their money. She seems to be totally oblivious of the giant croc a few feet from her. Lucky for her, the crocodile was only interested in photo bombing the picture, and maybe even laughing inwardly at how mortified she would be at having been so close to a live croc. Not everyone lives to tell the tale after getting so close to the monster.


4 of 35: Human Snack Tasting Session?

I don’t care what anyone says. But if it is a shark and could be described as big, then it should be accorded all the respect due to it. While whale sharks only consume mouthfuls of plankton and have a reputation as gentle giants, you could just be the first they eat. This diver found himself the object of a curious whale shark that maybe wanted to have him for dinner. Luckily, the shark decided to stick to a healthier diet, foregoing the savory human snack

5 of 35: Only in the Swamps

Sometimes it can be fun to just let go and find some adventure, even if it can get you into some dangerous situations. This air boat capsized at just the wrong place, dumping its passengers into waters crawling with hungry alligators. The tourists are completely oblivious to the danger lurking in the swamp, even as the tour guide knew full well that they had to get out of there fast, if they were not to become alligator bait. Luckily, they were smart enough not to wait around for the gators and got out alive.


6 of 35: Close Shave Anyone?

Being close to the action is every fans ultimate goal, but for these ladies, the action could not have been any closer. With the best seats in the house, next to the road and watching a hilltop race, they never expected to escape a would-be fatal crash by a whisker. This car lost control, crashed, rolled and landed a few feet from their roadside box office. Miraculously, everyone got out alive, with even the driver walking away relatively unharmed.

7 of 35: Is this how the Eve story started?

Taking a swim with one of the world’s biggest predatory snake can be quite daunting, but this lady seems to be taking it all in her stride, and even seems relaxed. Maybe she does not know that these monster predators have been known to chomp down on humans. Even full grown crocs dare not mess with these bad boys. She actually does seem comfortable taking the dip and so does the snake. Maybe she is a snake charmer, I would not put it beyond her.


8 of 35: Got Ya!!

Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns is actually a thing. Just like people with a fear for heights or spiders, people who are afraid of clowns often report have similar numbness and anxiety sensations when they encounter a clown. The baker in this picture happens to be one of those people with Coulrophobia. What is about to happen next is sure to make his therapist some good money. Round the corner is a double dose of clown, though it is a toss-up as to who will get the bigger fright.

9 of 35: Concrete hard lake!! Meet cyclist!

The expression of the ladies in the canoe say it all, this is probably the last they expected to see out on the water. Being a firsthand witness to a guy plunging headfirst into a lake with his bike is quite something. As for the cyclist, maybe he thought that there was nothing to do after the trick went wrong. He was not one to bail like a coward. Too late to back out, the best thing was to fall with style and brace for impact.


10 of 35: Distractions can be very expensive

Okay, sometimes being attractive may not be everything that you need to succeed in life. Oftentimes the things that your mother taught you while you were a child may make all the difference. For instance, it will not hurt to watch your step. Public humiliation is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a person. This guy may have brought it on himself, and I bet he will still be the butt-end of jokes at the end of year Christmas party.

11 of 35: Is that face good enough for a landing?

There are some things that are best done by professionals who have do their thing on set, away from seagulls that could take your face for a landing strip. For this couple, the lesson had to be learned the hard way when they thought themselves the equal Titanic’s Di Caprio and Winslet. They were reenacting some scene from “The Titanic” when a seagull crashed into them. However, the odds of a seagull flying into someone are very low. Well! not unless the bird in question had too much rum to drink while playing parrot on the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean’.


12 of 35: Chaotic landings is the name of the game

Landings are typically hard, but aren’t they supposed to be a breeze with skis? Theoretically this would be the case if you were the only one on the lake. But with the lake full of high-flying skiers who could crash into you without notice, landings can be chaotic. Lucky for these guys what looked like a certain serious collision was nothing more than a close shave. All the skiers walked away from the ordeal relatively unhurt, even though the highflier got a few bruises.

13 of 35: Surf’s up dude

Surfers know that the sight of a shark in the water is a signal to get out of the water to allow the real owners of the surf to do their thing. However, there are rude surfers that think they can go talk to the neighbors uninvited. While this surfer was lucky to walk away from his meet with a shark, confronting it in the first place was not very smart of him. Sharks are known to conduct a test bite of potential prey to determine if they are indeed palatable. If that had happened, things would have turned gruesome for our curious surfer.


14 of 35: What the Hell was that?

He might have thought it funny, but his poor old wife did not find it amusing that her husband put a stingray on her back. Given the recent death of Steve Irwin from a stingray bite, it is not surprising that she would have such a reaction. Nonetheless, her reaction is priceless and the photo has been turned into all manner of viral memes since it was first released. Luckily, she was unharmed, though her reputation is certainly going to take a hit.

15 of 35: Lookout! Gator!!

On any other day, the officer might have reprimanded you for trying to be clever. However, Chuck Lamm was in a good mood and turned to find an alligator a few feet from his boot. Quick as lightning, he was on his feet. The gator kept him occupied for the better part of twenty minutes before it went back to its watery domain. Of course the driver that he had pulled over also had to endure almost half an hour of the standoff.


16 of 35: Free Willy

Whales will generally be uninterested in eating a human and in most situations are harmless. However, if such a big creature jumped out of the water, it could inflict some serious damage. These two men found the whale not so gentlemanly, as he subjected their little boat to some explosive dive bombs. Luckily, the whale was not interested in making a meal of them, though that would not have mattered had the gentle giant crashed on top of their little craft with them in it.

17 of 35: I just need to say hi!

There is nothing like getting stopped by the local bush county officer who only wants to proffer a real African greeting. All the elephant wanted to know was if the vehicle they were using had all the necessary paper work. For the couple, their biggest concern was whether the officer would let them go with their lives. They had known that elephants were huge but getting that close to the beast proved to be something else.


18 of 35: Ouch!! Are those iron arms?

Having a monkey on your back is one thing but an octopus? I bet you have never heard of that one. First things first, How in Hell did it climb up there? Secondly, how did they manage to get rid of it? Octopi are voracious and when threatened can hold so tight making breathing impossible and in some instances paralysis. Lucky for this guy, he maintained his cool and walked away unscathed.

19 of 35: I am allowed to lose it sometime

Camels have made a name for themselves for their rudeness, but this one took it a bit too far. Camel aggression towards one another is legendary, though they tend to become well-mannered in human company. This tourist was at the wrong place at the wrong time and the camel found in him a suitable outlet for his frustration. Whatever had pissed off the camel certainly did a good job of it.


20 of 35: Oops! Looks like someone needs some dry cleaning

Want to know the first thing they teach at pole dancing school, do not move with a drink in your hand. You may think you are the best thing since sliced bread but with these things, mistakes do happen. The second thing they teach is not to try out this move in the rush-hour subway. The lady in question seems to have missed those classes. The poor guy seems to have seen this coming. He does not flinch when whatever it is she was drinking splatters all over him.

21 of 35: Ready, Aim, Fire

Shooting someone or something out of a cannon typically reminds one of those Saturday morning cartoons we loved so much as kids. Well for this little fur ball his snorter pace can best be described as full of determination and focus. He must have been on the hunt for some big kill. You must know that these are creatures are legendary for their laziness. They will hardly move unless what they are going for is totally worth it or necessary.


22 of 35: Self-Sacrifice at its best

It really is a terrible way to die. Sting someone to protect yourself and in the process inflict a mortal injury on yourself. The bee sting usually harms not only the person that has been stung, but also the bee which loses part of its abdomen that comes off with the stinger. Given that the bee can only use its deadly weapon once, it has to make sure it inflicts the most damage. Once that stinger is injected into the skin, the bee cannot get it out. As such, the bee loses most of its intestines when it pulls away, and dies soon after.

23 of 35: Dodging the ball is the name of the game or is it?

The best players of the game know to get out of the way of the ball. As for this girl, it seems the Dodgeball memo was sent to the wrong address as she got the ball smack on the side on the face. In this unfortunate incident, she strengthened the stereotype against people that wear glasses. For many people, it is taken to be indisputable fact that athleticism and glasses do not mix, and this girl just added fuel to that fire. Hopefully, the player involved in her mishap offered her an apology.


24 of 35: Storks are actually real

You will not find better timing than this. What had been intended to be a playful game between a father and his child turned out to be the fulfilment of a myth. Ancient civilizations have been replete with tales about these birds from as far back as the ancient Romans. They were known as harbingers of good luck and for many people, they were believed to embody parenting and nurturing relationships. They attained almost legendary status for their extraordinary dedication to their offspring long after they could fly.

25 of 35: Fecal Assault

Everything about the picture is just wrong. I don’t know what that poor kid did to make himself the target of a fecal pounding. Nonetheless, it is one of the internet’s classic pictures that has been around for a few years. For the pigeon, it seems nothing would give him greater joy than getting his aim right. The kid just could not muster the strength or will to evade the pigeon’s well-timed missile launches. This is the kind of thing that leaves life scars.


26 of 35: Can’t hold it in? I thought you were super woman

If you are just getting introduced to alcohol and parties, there is one thing that you need to learn. Never for one moment think that you could handle copious amounts of alcohol. This girl thought she had it all under control, even though her stomach must have been grumbling long before she got to this point. With the walls closing in all around her, she could no longer hold it in and the floodgates finally opened. Now that she knows the power of alcohol, maybe she will make better choices next time.

27 of 35: One Word: Picture-perfect

This picture just screams perfect timing. The car seems like it was dumped into the lake from the sky with the photographer getting the picture perfect shot, not a moment too soon or too late. The reason why someone decided to dump it in the lake still remains a mystery. Some think the big guy was just bored, while for some the scene was created just for the picture perfect shot. Luckily, the car was empty at the time.


28 of 35: That jaw is going to hurt

Going to the ballgame is just one of those moments that gets you in such a great mood. It gets even better when you get to be witness to spectacular moments such as this one. This shot shows why your attention should always be on the game, particularly when your seat is near the home plate. You don’t want to be caught unawares when a bat comes sailing towards your jaw after smashing a home run ball. Your team may have all the innings in the world, but that will surely end the game for you. It surely did for this guy.

29 of 35: Ready? Flappy! Fight!

These birds prove that seed-eaters can kick ass just as good as any flesh eater. For these two, the only thing that matters is that a clear winner be found, but before that they have to fight it out like savages. The winner got the upper hand through a brutal kick that knocked out his opponent. The bird has that determined look that says I can float like a butterfly but kick like a horse when push comes to shove. The real time spectacle could not have looked this good.


30 of 35: One for the trash can

Every girl has a perfect picture in her head of what her wedding day will be like from as young as three. As such, they expect the day to be perfection with every aspect of their dream polished to the minutest of detail. However, things will not always come out so perfect, as the vision may not be reflected in the final photos. You might have intended to recreate a fairy tale wedding and not the mythical monster disparaged in the fairy tales. Needless to say, this one does not look like it will be included in the final wedding album.


31 of 35: Cloud Surf Paradise

People will try all sorts of poses to get that picture perfect shot while leaning on the tower of Pizza or when they pretend to take the sun in their hands. But surfing on the clouds, while one of the most spectacular is not one that everybody gets right. This skydiver and his colleague took advantage of the sixty seconds of free fall available to them to take one of the most amazing shots. In this shot the two seem to be walking on the clouds.


32 of 35: Things could get dicey

A backward glance at his kill must have sent a cold chill down the spine of the hunter. Mountain lions are not known for being aggressive or targeting humans. But if you find one that is hungry enough, it could have a go at you. The big cat seems to be checking out what seemed to be the easiest meal he could ever get. Fortunately, the bright flash from the camera sent him packing.

33 of 35: Get off my back!!

Horses do sometimes get very stubborn and unpredictable regardless of their training. This jockey did not know what had gone wrong with her mount, as she found herself tumbling toward the ground, hoping that the grass was thick enough to cushion her fall. While there could not have been better timing with the shot, the rider could have suffered some serious injuries. Getting thrown from a galloping horse can be just as painful and dangerous as being thrown from a motorcycle.


34 of 35: How not to handle a gun

It is not uncommon for fully rational people to act foolishly or without thinking. This lady clearly never went to rifle school to learn how to handle the gun to prevent injury from a recoil. Just how she holds it tells you that this is an injury waiting to happen. And it is going to hurt really bad.

35 of 35: It sure smells fishy

Hard to believe but this looks so real. Makes the idea that there are people living in the ocean seem quite plausible. The fish took the time to pose for a perfect snorkeling pose that may indicate that maybe he used to be a human in a former life. The fish made sure that his pose was front and center of the picture. Well, animals will sometimes have a feel for what may be thought to be human moves. Some animals will know that they are in front of a camera and turn on their moves just like this one did.