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23 Jaw-dropping Perfectly Timed Sports Pics

You know the popular saying a picture is worth a thousand words – well that statement can be particularly true if the picture in question is taken with a high frame rate, high powered DSLR camera. Let just say it was a case of right time and place for these cameras. From awkward wardrobe malfunctions to escaping severe injury by a whisker, these remarkable pics snapped some of the strangest, worst, and best of moments of the sporting world in recent times. Click below to sample this amazing gallery!

1 of 23: When You Hit Like a Girl

If getting hit by a girl looked like this, maybe it is not the worst of things. The object of these two UFC fighters is to portray the sport as full of distress and pain, where the participants pound each other into a pulp, yet only one is rewarded for putting heart and soul into it. This fight scene looks more like a chiropractic adjustment than a fight.

2 of 23: Bombshell!

Aside from gymnasts, no other sports practitioners can claim to be as flexible as figure skaters. This beautiful figure skater shows her skills skating over cold freezing ice, bent over backwards while extending a broad smile. The best thing about the athlete is not actually her flexibility or routine, but rather her priceless expression.

3 of 23: Bull Riders Job Available: Hard Skulls Preferred

If bull riding is your profession getting bucked off is part of a normal day at the ofice. Still no one tells you how painful it can be or how terrible hitting the dirt can feel. Because of the nature of the job, concussions are pretty much a given. This guy has been thrown off at least once. His expression could not be any more telling.

4 of 23: Look Out!

Have you ever looked at a motion picture or photo where you felt like screaming “Look Out” and somehow hoping that your voice will carry into the screen? Well this is one such instance. Suffice it to say that it is a fool who goes to the baseball park and decides to take a selfie while looking away from the field. (If you have not spotted it, check out right over her right shoulder).

5 of 23: Baseball Bat Floating as if by Magic

New Yorkers (and even some Seattle fans albeit reluctantly) will affirm that what Alex Rodriguez can do with a baseball bat is nothing short of magic. They do not mean it literally of course. Nonetheless what this Yankee does proves that maybe magic really does exist in baseball.

6 of 23: Super Scissor Kick by CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo who likes to go by the moniker CR7 has made a name for himself for his excellent dribbling, and particularly his out of this world scissor kicks. Given his exploits, it is no wonder he makes the list. While it is quite the impressive kick, the best part of the photo is the players’ expression. Thankfully for his opponent Ronaldo’s boot just missed his face.

7 of 23: Ouch! That Must Hurt

Not everyone has got the A skills of A-Rod on the bat, and especially not this Yankee player. It is very unlikely that a baseball would be tossed back like that given how strong it is. Nonetheless, if by any chance it is weaker than desired, and if the ball is hit with sufficient power, then you could get such an outcome.

8 of 23: Want to Lose Digits?

Wrestling is a serious sport. While the average wrestler is relatively harmless outside the ring, once he steps inside it, it is all fireworks. While the Japanese guy seems like he is trying to win by chomping off the digits of his opponent, we can bet that the Canadian started it.

9 of 23: Headless Gymnast: Flexibility Taken to the Extreme!

When it comes to flexibility, gymnasts are the indisputable champions. It is amazing to watch a gymnast contort their bodies in unimaginable positions that leave the rest of us in awe. Katherine Coronel the Venezuelan gymnast is a picture perfect example of how flexible those in her line of work can be. In this picture of her performing at the rhythmic gymnastics, she is so contorted that she seems to have lost her head.

10 of 23: Apology Coming Up

Sometimes you can be forgiven for having so much focus on the game that you do not see the baseball coming right for your face. In this instance, the pitcher needs to take much of the blame and not the hitter. Still, is it not against the rules to hit the ball with your forehead? Maybe he needs to duck the next time.

11 of 23: Beach Volleyball Can Hurt

You might deride beach volleyball when it appears on the schedule of the Summer Olympics. However, the expression on this player’s face might just make it worthwhile to watch. There is nothing so terrifying than watching a ball coming towards your face yet you are unable to do anything to stop the painful impact.

12 of 23: Tennis Brings out the Real Michelle Obama Face

There is just something about sports that just manages to produce some of the weirdest of faces. And it seems tennis made no exception for Michelle Obama, the former first lady. This picture of Michelle while exercising with the women of USA Tennis shows that even Obama has an imperfect side. Thankfully a tennis ball is not as hard as a baseball.

13 of 23: Play Bad Cricket: Get a Spanking

If you have been racking your brain for why cricket is just not for you, then this photo should be the perfect excuse. While he may not actually be getting a spanking, a cricket bat spanking seems like it would hurt like hell. It would be enough to make one stay away from the sport for life. Let’s hope this was just an optical illusion.

14 of 23: Gold Digging

Lebron James one of the most recognizable of the NBA superstars seems to forget that cameras will always be pointed at him whenever he ventures into the public. Honestly, the man needs to know that he will be filmed particularly when he is out on the court. A camera caught the hysterical view of Lebron one of the wealthiest of the NBA stars hoping to strike gold in a place there is likely to be none.

15 of 23: Nose Boops are a Pain

In one of the most hilarious photos, this rugby player experiences the pain of getting bopped on the nose in all its glory. Rugby has no time for the pain sensitive, but am sure the guy dreamed of a helmets as he saw the missile that is the rugby ball come at him at full speed. Maybe he will come with one next time.

16 of 23: Going Headfirst

Diving is when you intentionally go head first into the surf. This surfer definitely did not plan to take a dive but there was nothing he could do about it. Thankfully water is not as hard as the ground. Despite surfing not making the roster for an extreme sport, this picture certainly shows the power of Mother Nature.

17 of 23: Do I Look Pretty in This Shot?

Not many people give Shot Put or those that play it the credit that it deserves. Aiming a super heavy iron ball at a given place after spinning around a few times can be quite a challenge. But maybe it’s not that hard as this Shot Put Player demonstrates with a glorious face as he takes his shot.

18 of 23: Lookout for The Bull’s Horns

Bullfighting is not a joke, certainly not for the men or the bulls involved. The Annual Pamplona Bullfights typically result in several injured men including persons that get on the ends of the horns of the angry bulls. Despite the risk of injury, the tradition does not seem like it will fade away any time soon. Unfortunately it seems that this one guy got more than he bargained for.

19 of 23: Location Location Location

Christ the Redeemer statue, one of the most recognizable of Brazil’s tourist landmarks. There have been so many amazing photos taken on the landmark, but none has ever been this spectacular, given the excellent timing. Whether the pilot went out to get the perfect position for the shot or not is a matter of conjecture. But we are happy that he took it. The position and imitation of the pose is nothing if not impeccable. The plane imitating the pose of the statue in the background is simply superb! If there ever was the perfect example of real life copying art, this is it.

20 of 23: Who’s Feeling Like a King

There can only be one authority on the basketball court and that is the referee. They have the ultimate power to banish a coach or eject a player from the game. But some referees can literally feel like kings at court.
The game between the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs had the referee seemingly have a crown on his head. The timing of the photo was exquisite as it captured the crown painted on the floor in perfect placement on the referee’s head. It seems like the referee is presiding over court while his loyal subjects listen pensively. If this is not a temporary coronation, there will no doubt be a referee revolt asking for the same privileges.

21 of 23: Gymnast Lost Her Head

You can only be so flexible, but could you be so flexible such that you lose your head? This girl takes flexibility to another level! The ambitious and young gymnast has exerted herself day and night to the extent that her head got detached from the rest of her body. Or maybe it was bent at such an angle that she looked like a disembodied gymnast. Whatever it is there is no doubt that the girl is talented gymnast that deserves to get the medal once her trainer finds her head and reattaches it to her body.

22 of 23: Models Too Can Tackle

There is nothing harder than looking totally handsome, particularly when running from a few hundred pound men. But this footballer managed to pull off this feat.
Attaining such a feat is one of the hardest things in professional sports. More common is dexterity, agility, and amazing strength, but never looking good while combining them. Maybe he works part time as a model because he sure looks like one. Maybe he was thinking of his other job at exactly that time and forgot that he was at his day job. But whatever was on his mind he must know that the cameras are onto him 24/7.

23 of 23: Diving Can Take Many Forms

Did you know that new forms of diving are invented every day. If I had to take an intelligent guess, this would look like Expressionist Diving!
The expression is the perfect embodiment of focus while one is falling down unhindered into a swimming pool. She made sure she had that professional finished look, didn’t she? It is highly unlikely she won any congeniality awards if such a thing even existed.