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5 secret ways how to deal with the car insurance adjuster

Every year, insurance companies spend huge sums of money on the training of an insurance claims adjuster. These people are trained to challenge claims for injury and work in the best interest of their company. They challenge each fact, both the validity and value of a personal injury claim. Insurers use dishonest and sometimes even illegal practices to challenge your claim. When a person applying for financial compensation is not represented by a personal injury attorney, there is a high probability that the insurance adjuster will win the case and reduce the value of the claim or reject it altogether.

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Questioning the validity of the claim is the first thing that the insurance contractor will take care of. Its task is to reduce the value of compensation to a minimum, or not to admit it completely. The insurance adjusters checks when the accident happened (whether the claim has not expired), how many days have passed him you asked for medical assistance, or you qualify for compensation. It also checks who is found guilty of the accident.

If the claim can not be rejected due to the statute of limitations, the insurance adjusters will apply other tactics to reduce the value of the claim. Most often, an insurance adjusters refers to intangible costs, whose valuation is subjective and it is difficult to determine the value of losses incurred. Intangible costs are: pain, suffering, emotional stress, mental anguish and other emotions related to an accident.

It is an outrageous but very effective practice of insurance adjusters to recall the state of health prior to the claim of the person applying for the claim. The tactic is to use the previous state of health to reduce the value of compensation. At the time, many people think that their health before an accident has a profound impact on the value of compensation. The truth is that health before an accident is not an excuse to reject or reduce the value of the claim.

Equally frequent practice of insurance adjusters is to question future expenses. If a person is seriously injured as a result of an accident, it may take some time to become fully functional. Then, the future medical expenses should be included in the amount of the claim. It should be taken into account that during the recovery, the injured person will not be able to earn as much money as before the accident. This factor should also be included in the settlement. The insurance adjusters will attempt to challenge these damages to minimize the value of the claim.

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So, how to defend against insurance adjusters’ practices? If you have been involved in a car accident and would like to receive large compensation, follow these 5 tips. This 5 secrets that insurance claims adjusters don’t want you to know.

Secret #1: Evidence

Evidence is the basis of every case. As soon as possible, make a detailed description of the accident. Take pictures at the accident scene, the more the better. Store data in a safe place to avoid losing it.

Secret #2: Insurance Adjusters is not on your side

The main purpose of insurance companies is to earn money. Their profit is partly due to minimizing the amount of the claim. Therefore, insurance adjuster’s task is to reduce the amount of the claim as much as possible or to refuse it altogether. The insurance adjusters will pretend to be on your side. He can give you tips and information, but watch out, it is their tactics. They want to scare you to do or say what they wants. Do not be fooled.

Secret #3: The Insurance Adjuster will use your words against you

This is a tactic that aims to reduce the amount of the claim. The insurance adjuster often contacts the victims to obtain information. He can do it undercover to get the information he uses against you. Once they have acquired all the information, they make history the most beneficial for their employer. Remember that everything you say, the insurance adjusters can use against you. During the conversation, let your statements be natural. Do not beautify, do not judge, do not make assumptions. If you do not know, say it. If you do not feel comfortable answering a question, do not answer. Better yet, put down any statement to the insurer until you hire a attorney to represent you

Secret #4: Insurance companies train Insurance Adjusters

The Insurance Adjuster’s task is to try to lower or reject the claim and win the case in favor of the insurance company. This means that they are trained to do this. Experts have spent a lot of time learning tactics that will help them achieve the desired results. This is their job. You are not a trained negotiator. You are someone who has been injured in an accident and is looking for a way to fix it. Do not try to anticipate the expert’s movements. Do not argue with them. The insurance adjuster is your enemy and he wants you to lose.

Secret #5: The Insurance Adjuster does not want you to hire a car accident attorney

The last thing an insurance adjuster does not want is to hire a attorney to represent your interests. You are an easy target for the insurance adjuster yourself. Then they have a better chance of winning, beneficial for their employer. Their chances become smaller when they have to negotiate with a attorney. A qualified car accident attorney has the same negotiating skills as an insurance adjuster. They have the experience necessary to oppose any tricks of an insurance adjuster. Most often, the employment of a lawyer results in obtaining a claim amount exceeding what you would be able to achieve alone.

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