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8 dumbest causes of car accidents

The most common causes of car accidents are excessive speed, close proximity to the vehicle in front, forcing the right of way and using the phone while driving. Of course, there are many more reasons, but you have not heard about such causes of car accidents. Here are some reasons for the most stupid car accidents that will cause a smile on your face.

Karaoke while driving

Using the phone while driving is the most common cause of car accidents. It was no different in this case, where two Iranian girls in May 2016 decided to arrange a singing competition while driving. The girl driving the car did not look at the road carefully enough and the girls crashed. Hit was hard enough to fire off airbags. After the accident, the girls were taken to the hospital, where they published a video and posed for a selfie.

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Holding breath

When two best friends meet, it is not known what may happen. Two men traveling by car, a long journey began to get bored and they decided to play the game. Men’s fun was to hold their breath in time. Of course, the one who holds his breath as long as possible wins. The winner turned out to be the driver, who held his breath so long that he lost consciousness. Having lost control of the car, he hit the protective barrier and seriously damaged the car. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to anyone except for the lost pride of the loser.

Source: Fox News Insider

Trash in the car

Not every driver likes to have order in the car. One woman loved to eat in the car, and left the remaining containers after eating. While parking, one of the numerous cups in her car fell into the brake pedal, blocking it. The woman lost control of the car and hit the concrete flower-bed that stood on the sidewalk. In addition to the damage to the car, all the trash that was inside of her car fell out.

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Preparation for the meeting

Love can blind, then all reason is lost. A woman living in Florida decided to prepare for a meeting with her boyfriend. While driving, she decided to shave her intimate surroundings. What’s more fun, she went to meet her boyfriend with her ex-husband. While she was indulging in intimate hygiene, the ex-husband held the steering wheel from the passenger seat. Their journey did not last long, when they hit the back other car. Police officers were shocked when they discovered cause of the accident.

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Watching a movie while driving

People are reluctant to admit to watching porn. One of the truck drivers was forced to do so. The British truck driver decided to watch porn movies on his phone while driving. During watching movie, he lost control of the truck, broke the protective barrier and hit the couple in other car. Unfortunately, the woman died in an accident. Initially, the driver refused to admit why he lost control of the truck. However, the police inspected his phone and found that at the time of the accident he was watching porn movies.

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When the tooth hurts, we usually go to the dentist as soon as possible. However, a truck driver from Alabama decided otherwise. While driving, he began to tease his tooth, so he decided to snatch it out. When the driver released the steering wheel and took care of tooth extraction, he lost control of the truck. The car drove off the road and headed towards the river when truck happily stopped on the tree. The driver to prove the cause of the accident showed the policemen his broken tooth.

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Brushing teeth

As you know, morning hygiene is an everyday ritual. However, some people do not obey it. A woman living in New Zealand while driving saw a police patrol. As a precautionary measure, she decided to quickly wash her teeth to get rid of the smell of alcohol. She took out the toothbrush and began to brush her teeth. She did not pay attention to the fact that the car slightly strayed to the left. She reacted too much, turning the wheel to the right, then the car got out of control and the woman fell out of the way, bumping into the rocks.

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Sex behind steering wheel

When you are young, you have many different and strangest ideas. A couple of teenagers decided to have sex in the car. Instead of parking in a secluded place, they decided to do it while driving. Their delightful journey did not last too long, because the car driven by a man hit the protective barrier. As a result of the impact, the woman fell through the windshield. The man wanted to escape, leaving the girl on the side of the road. Fortunately, the witness of the incident took the man’s keys and put them away until the police arrived.

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