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8 largest compensation for a car accident

Participating in a car accident carries a very serious risk of physical injury and even death. In some unfortunate cases of car accidents, victims become disabled, which limits their ability to employ and take other actions. Back to the efficiency entails enormous costs of treatment and rehabilitation. Fortunately, there are lawyers specializing in car accidents who will help in getting the most amount of compensation. See the 8th largest compensation for injuries that lawyers have won.

1.05 million dollars

The high compensation admitted to a British citizen is not surprising due to the injured person’s occupation, but the amount awarded does not match the size of the damage. Actor Rowan Atkinson, best known for his role of Mr. Bean, suffered an accident while driving his luxurious McLaren. The comedian suffered a slight arm injury and received the largest compensation from the insurer in the history of Great Britain.

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3.5 million dollars

A large amount of money was won by advocates for the child’s family, which was deducted by the speeding car. Car accident lawyers came to an agreement before the court proceedings agreed in the amount of compensation, giving the family $ 3.5 million.

4.1 million dollars

This amount was paid to a man who was paralyzed waist down as a result of a car accident that took place in New York. The man participated in the accident as a passenger of a van for the The New York Times. The man’s  car accident lawyer won such big compensation from the publisher, despite the fact that the driver was uninsured and performed work as an independent contractor.

19 million dollars

The largest compensation so far paid in Los Angeles is $ 19 million. The accident happened in 1998, when the truck hit several cars. Carol Adkins, as a result of the impact, suffered a very serious head and body injury. She was seriously wounded, communicating with people using blinks. She was fed by a tube and her monthly treatment costs were $ 30,000.  Amount of 19 million US dollars of compensation was paid in four installments over two years.

21 million dollars

As much as $ 21 million of compensation was admitted to a woman who suffered a brain injury as a result of a truck hit. As the driver admitted, the brakes failed and the reversing semi-trailer hit the woman in the head. After the surgery, the woman was unable to return to full recovery. As a result of the accident, memory and concentration were permanently impaired. Her car accident attorney won six times the value of compensation indicated in the negotiations. He also proved that the brakes in the truck were not damaged.

22 million dollars

In 2008, passing through the street, Shirley Miller was hit a truck that delivered the goods to one of the New York pharmacies. The woman suffered serious head and body injuries. The pharmacy agreed to pay the victim $ 22 million in compensation, which made it the highest amount in New York history.

100 million dollars

The largest in history compensation got the family in Illinois. The Chicago pastor’s family suffered in a catastrophic accident. The semitrailer detached itself from the set and hit the gas tank next to the pastor’s house. The impact damaged the tank and caused a gas explosion. The pastor’s house was in flames. The pastor and his wife managed to get out of the burning house. Unfortunately, six of their children died in flames. By court trial, the marriage went to a settlement with Transamerica Leasing, Inc. and received $ 100 million of compensation.

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